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Maia Friedman -Under the New Light Release Party

Maia Friedman

Brooklyn Made, NY

March 18th, 2022

By Angelo Santoro

maia_friedman-24Maia Friedman debuted her highly anticipated solo album Under the New Light, on stage at Brooklyn Made Friday evening March 18th.

An intimate gathering of fans stood at the stage front as the heartfelt lyrics of “Where the Rocks Are” exhaled from Maia’s lips to start the night’s performance. Such calming warmth followed in each arrangement performed throughout the evening.

maia_friedmanThe solo endeavor, released on Last Gang Records on March 11th clearly separates herself from previous projects such as Coco and Dirty Projectors.  This really has Maia’s inner self stamped into it.  She portrays a constant positivity uplifting theme that is presented in the most gentle and soothing way.

maia_friedman-17Maia Friedman’s performance is as memorizing live on stage as it is on record. She has the ability to make a direct connection to each individual. Making you feel as if you are the only one there.

Friedman concludes the nights journey with a change of pace in “A Sleep in the Garden” sending the fans into dance mood.  Changing that direct connection into a more inclusive crowd energy.

maia_friedman-6Under the New Light timing could not have been any better. In a time when fresh starts are what we all crave.  Just a Maia sings in “A Sleep in the Garden”

“Put your fears away

We will come out the other side”

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