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Glassjaw at The Paramount


December 30th, 2017

The Paramount Theater, Huntington NY

Review by Christine N. Carbone & Photos by Brian Berson

20171230-_DSC0090Long Island closed out 2017 with one of their own, the post-hardcore staple on the scene, Glassjaw. The band, led by Daryl Palumbo and supported by founding member guitarist Justin Beck, have an especially loyal following on the Island, but that remained to be truly seen on Saturday, December 30th when they rocked Huntington’s Paramount Theater. Joining Palumbo and Beck were newer members, Travis Sykes on bass and Chad Hasty on drums, with the foursome promising a stellar set to promote their new album, Material Control.


Less impressive than the reorganized lineup, was the absence of the Islanders that we assumed would sell out the local venue. In fact, the band postponed their 10pm start time to encourage more fans to arrive and amass a crowd. Glassjaw has been a rarity playing their hometown in the past 10 years, so it was something for OG fans to look forward to in addition to the release of new material. The fact that the show didn’t sell out was a bit startling. Regardless – as expected. they killed it.

The Paramount was a new landscape for this hometown show— open floor, great sound and bright light effects, a deserved platform and a long time coming for this hardcore band, who we used to see perform within arm’s reach at the now defunct The Downtown. Still, with its impressive showcase, the band managed to make it feel just as up-close and personal as ever.

20171230-_DSC0393The set lasted almost two hours and included a flurry of new tracks mixed with old hits, both of which had fans moshing (“New White Extremity” and the opener, “You Think You’re John Fucking Lennon”) and swaying (“Ape Dos Mil” and “Strange Hours”).

Not surprising, fans in the mezzanine were equally enthralled; palms to the stage symbolizing “times ten, times ten” during “Mu Empire” and still on their feet by the closing “Siberian Kiss.” The only thing missing, which would have been seasonally significant, was Daryl’s wish for us all to have a broken heart and a Happy New Year.

The show was a definite success for enthusiasts new and old, as they headed to the coat-check, then remerging & reminiscing about the great time they had just a few moments earlier–while enjoying a cold-cheese slice. I (happily) wouldn’t have expected anything different.

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