Interview with Michelle Wake

Michelle Wake’s new song “ A Soiree” really showcases her beautiful voice and talented song crafting skills. She will be following it up with the release of an EP and playing some New York dates starting October 7th.  We had the chance to get to know Michelle a bit better and more about her music.

Angelo: I understand that creating music is a great joy for you, but how has the creation of the new songs been? Was it any different or special to you?

Michelle:  Creating the new songs came from a completely different place than my first album. They are about being in a tough state of transition. I wrote them out of a need to solidify identity and conquer fears. Hence, “I Got You Beat.”

Angelo: You have performed in different parts of the country and the world. How has New York been to you for performing?

Michelle: I have performed in different places and settings, from conservative church bands to NYC bars like Leftfield on Ludlow. Nothing draws out the purest form of my artistry like it has in New York, when no one wants to pay attention, and I snag them anyways.

Angelo: How often and where do you perform?

Michelle: I perform twice a month.  The Bowery Electric, Rockwood Music Hall, Pianos, Cafes and a Beluga Bar.

Angelo: The video for “A Soiree” looked like a lot of fun to film. The party scene when everyone is dancing–was it really that natural of a fun time or is there some painstaking part of it we don’t see?  Also did you get to eat all of those strawberries?

Michelle: I told all my friends to come over and dress their nicest because I was having a wine party and going to finish this film.

I don’t think they really knew they would be in it. It was a fun party and I played music for them on and off out on my patio actually throughout the night. It ended very late and lots of people showed up late and  dressed nice afterwards. Haha! We ate half the strawberries and the other half went bad over night because I accidentally left the platter on my pilot lit gas stove. Whoops.

Angelo: Have you found that living and playing in New York has changed the way you approach writing and playing your music?

 Michelle: Yes for sure. Living in New York cultivates a fresh energy every day you never know what could happen. So I get used to seizing the moment,  because they are all different, and all valuable. It is NOT so helpful focusing on writing sometimes. Sometimes I’m too distracted running to the gym or meeting new people to sit my restless self down in the same place to write new music. I ignore a thousand things to write one song.

Angelo: So you have made a lot of friends in NY’s music scene.  Who are some of your favorites around town that you enjoy seeing live?

 Michelle: When I first came to New York, Katie Buchanan was my first musician friend and we have remained in touch. We met at an open mic at Sidewalk Cafe in the East Village. She is performing at my EP release show October 7th.

Angelo: So who do you have playing on stage with you for your next show?

 Michelle: Freddie Wyss. He will be performing his own tunes with one other person, stuff he hasn’t done before. He’s also an artist.  I am excited myself to see what he has created this time on stage for the ears. 🙂 

Janet Labelle. We are followers and admirers of each other’s music in the city. We are always checking in with each other’s activity

Angelo: Is there anything else you would like to add that your fans should know?

Michelle: Yeah. I think they should know that I’m crazy appreciative of their interest and support as I am chasing my dreams.

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  1. Michelle Wake has such a beautiful voice. I can listen to her music all day. I look forward to hearing more from her in the future.

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