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Sting at Jones Beach


Northwell Jones Beach Theater

September 8th 2023

By Angelo Santoro

angsantoro_Sting-18Sting brought his “My Songs” tour and so much more to Jones Beach Theater on Friday night September 8th. With the threat of rain and lighting the all-star band enjoyed playing long and hard in the heavy humidity.

angsantoro_Sting-14Sting’s son, Joe Sumner opened the nights show with a fantastic set.  Demonstrating the same talents that made his dad a star with original songs like “Don’t Change the Love and “Live Life” as well as a cover of Bo Diddley’s “Who do You Love”.  But the song that really blew everyone away was a short number for his daughter called “Jellybean”. Joe joined Sting on stage later in the night during the nights encore.

Leading up to that encore Sting played a full set of his finest classics mixed in with the best of the Police.  From telling stories with songs like “Englishman in New York”, “Fields of Gold” and “Shape of my Heart” to making the audience dance with “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” and “So Lonely” Sting touched everyone. 

angsantoro_Sting-16As a natural Front man Sting had no problem sharing the spotlight with the top-notch performers on stage with him.  His long time Guitarist Dominic Miller is a master that has contributed to Stings recordings as well as live performances. 

Sting dramatically challenged Shane Sager the harmonica player to perform the into to “Brand New Day” as well as the original recording with Stevie wonder playing the harmonica.  It was an amazing performance.  

angsantoro_Sting-4The highlight on stage was bringing out great Branford Marsalis to play Clarinet on “Why Should I Cry for You”.  To our pleasure Branford stayed on stage with his saxophone playing five more numbers.

Other highlights included the amazing backing vocals of Gene Noble and Melissa Musique.  Both filled the dense muggy air with euphonious vocals.

angsantoro_Sting-13 The Encore included the legendary animated performance of “Roxanne” with everyone on stage pumped up to the max including Joe Sumner joining.  Everyone who came out for the night were now on their feet screaming her name “Roxanne” and dancing.  Afterwards the Maestro Sting parted ways with a calming number “Fragile” 

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