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Sondre Lerche at (Le) Poisson Rouge

Sondre Lerche

(Le) Poisson Rouge, NY

21 May 2022


SondreLerche_LPR_S_Vasquez-7New York City gave a warm welcome back to Sondre Lerche this past weekend. Playing for a packed house of steadfast fans at (Le) Poisson Rouge in the heart of Greenwich Village.

Sondre, performances are more than instruments and singing. There is a two-way communication of emotion and love between Lerche and the fans. This phenomenon begins with his deeply personal and touching lyrics. The connection continues in the infectious joy of Sondre on stage presence. Which is mirrored by the bliss of the crowds dancing cheers.

SondreLerche_LPR_S_Vasquez-11Avatars of Love, Sondre Lerche’s latest, released only last month, already was received as favorites by the crowd. It’s no wonder with tuneful songs like “Will We Ever Comprehend” and “Dead of the Night”.

If you have ever been to a Sondre Lerche show, you will know the tremendous draw the crowd has on Sondre to join in their fun. He is usually ending a show in the audience laughing, dancing, and having a grand time. On this evening the crowd parted the floor allowing Sondre to join them. And now the singer and the audience become one.

Photo by Sofie Vasquez


Guarantee That I’d Be Loved


I Can’t See Myself Without You

Sleep on Needles

Turns Out I’m Sentimental After All

Two Way Monologue

Avatars of Love

Will We Ever Comprehend

Modern Nature

Dead of the Night

Summer in Reverse

Bad Law

You Are Not Who I Thought I Was



Why Would I Let You Go

That’s All There Is

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