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Big Head Todd and the Monsters have Returned to NYC

Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Brooklyn Bowl

November 9, 2021

nylive_bhtm-25When bands started to return to New York after the pandemic hiatus there was that rush to get tickets for those bands that we all longed to see after a year of silence.  For fans in the Brooklyn area this excitement was multiplied by a factor of eight.  That’s because it has been 8 years since Big Head Todd and Monsters played in New York City.  This is a band that we need to see a lot more often! 

nylive_bhtm-6After all of these years the band from Colorado fulfilled our fix BHTM funky blues soul music.   And it was so worthy of the wait!

On stage Big Head Todd and the Monsters are at home as Todd Park Mohr grandiose guitar playing accompanied by his soulful sound of the emotionally rich lyrics. Sharing the stage is Jeremy Lawton on keyboards and pedal steel guitar, Rob Squire on the bass guitar and Brian Nevin on drums.

nylive_bhtm-21With such a large catalog of great hits to play BHTM cover a wide range playing 21 songs.  We look forward to more frequent visits to the Metro NYC area.

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