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Black Pistol Fire- fire up Brooklyn

Black Pistol Fire

Music Hall Of Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY

May 15th 2019

by Brian Berson

berson_Evan KonradThe packed crowd at Music Hall of Williamsburg came for a night of rock n roll andthat’s just what they got. A three-band bill starting with Evan Konrad who had a nice mellow start to the show. Evan started solo at a piano doing a haunting version of Black Hole Sun when his band came out to join him on stage they delivered a set full of emotion through their dark and ambient songs.

berson_emily wolf-2Next up was Emily Wolfe from Austin. Emily’s power trio are keeping Texas blues alive and well. She wails on guitar and puts 110% into her performance. Her style of gritty, loud blues and rock n roll had every jaw on the floor. Emily and her band closed with a blazing version of the Motörhead classic “Ace of Spades” which Lemmy would’ve loved and appreciated.

Finally, Black Pistol Fire took the stage and the audience went wild. For those who had berson_Black Pistol Fireseen them before they knew what they were in for, those who have not were about to have their minds blown. A two-man band consisting of Kevin McKeown and Eric Owen play with the volume, intensity and power of a 5-piece band. Guitarist and vocalist Kevin McKeown is so energetic on stage he literally can’t keep his feet on the stage. When he approaches the mic to sing his heels are raised off the ground beneath him while he ferociously plays his guitar. If he’s not singing he’s running around the stage dropping to his knees, playing on his back or doing backward somersaults without ever missing a note. Kevin is soaked with sweat from the middle of the first song until the berson_Black Pistol Fire-11band leaves the stage at the end of the show. Eric Owen on drums provides a similar level of energy but doesn’t have the ability to run around, he pounds the drums like John Bonham while watching Kevin single handedly take up an entire stage. Towards the end of the show Kevin decided the stage wasn’t big enough so he jumped into the crowd to bounce around with fans while soloing on guitar for a cover of the Fleetwood Mac song Oh Well segued into their song Where You Have Been Before. Between the fun, loud and well written songs to the bands energy Black Pistol Fire are keeping the spirit of rock and roll alive and kicking.




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