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Amanda Palmer at Joe’s Pub

Amanda Palmer

Joe’s Pub

Feb. 25th, 2019

by Brian Berson

20190225-_DSC5870Fans of Amanda Palmer packed the intimate setting of Joes Pub in New York City to witness a very special performance. This was the first of two unpublicized, yet sold-out concerts for Amanda Palmer to test out her one-woman show, which will tour this spring to coincide with the release of her new solo album, “There Will Be No Intermission.”

Known for her role as half of the brilliant, punk burlesque band The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer is a true artist as well as author, songwriter, piano player and ukulele player. This show is a bit of a departure from most aspects of her career. Stripped down to a piano, a microphone and pure emotion, Amanda kept the crowd riveted.

Pounding the keys with ferocity, she put everything she has into each note, chord and 20190225-_DSC5954lyric. After opening with ‘The Ride’ and ‘Judy Blume,’ Amanda begins talking to the crowd, telling stories about growing up with her family piano, noting how her mother and stepfather encouraged her artistic side and assisted by always keeping the piano strung and tuned. Amanda weaves between songs and deeply personal and emotional stories, causing the room to flow from complete silence to bursts of laughter, while some in attendance wipe tears from their eyes as they listen to tales of love, loss, family and depression that Amanda so eloquently shares with her fans.

The show spanned tracks from her entire career and gave a more intimate look into the artist. The songs and stories are powerful and moving and without a doubt Amanda will make the large theaters on her upcoming tour feel as small and intimate as the 184 seats in Joes Pub.

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