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Church Girls Release “Better Off”

Church Girls
“Better Off” from upcoming album Hidalgo
Due out September 15th 2017
0010215943_10Church Girls formed in 2014 as singer-songwriter Mariel Beaumont’s way to fill the creative void in her fashion career. Drawing from her punk roots attending dingy basement shows as a teen, she began writing and playing open mics around Philadelphia. An encounter with high school friend and guitarist Robert Dwyer led the two to begin collaborating and playing local and regional shows with a rotating cast of band members.
In 2016 the band became a full-time pursuit for Beaumont, as they self-released the 2016 album Thousand Lives, produced by Brian McTear (Dr. Dog, Marissa Nadler) and embarked on their first national tour. The album received local praise for its “introspective lyrics that complement pop melodies beautifully” (WXPN) and “smooth sincerity that navigates through moments of folk into straight out rockers” (The Deli).
Robert Dwyer (guitar), Will Schwartz (bass) and Zakary Iannitelli (drums) with Beaumont at the helm, release their debut LP Hidalgo in summer 2017. Hidalgo is a true collaboration — a shift in creative process for Beaumont — allowing the savvy of Dwyer, Schwartz and Iannitelli to radiate. Producer Erik Wofford (The Black Angels, Bill Callahan, Explosions in the Sky) brings a haunting, dreamy element to the Church Girls’ LP, with songs bound together by brooding lyrics, strong harmonies, and tight rhythms.
Church Girls is on a quest to tap into listeners’ emotional marrow by lyrically confessing a resistance to growing up, espousing a tendency towards self-destruction, showing the pains of communication, and celebrating the ways we work to become better humans a little at a time. These are anthems of authentic self-discovery.

Chruch Girls Tour Dates

Sep 21: Columbus, OH – Spacebar
Sep 22: Louisville, KY – Third Street Dive
Sep 23: Cincinnati, OH – The Comet
Sep 24: Chicago, IL – Uncommon Ground (Lakeview)
Sep 25: Madison, WI – Art In
Sep 26: Des Moines, IA – The Lift
Sep 27: Omaha, NE – The Sydney
Sep 29: Denver, CO – Lion’s Lair
Sep 30: Durango, CO – Sweet 101
Oct 3: Memphis, TN – Growler’s
Oct 4: St. Louis, MO – Foam
Oct 5: Muncie, IN – Be Here Now
Oct 6: Pittsburgh, PA – TBA

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