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Delicate Steve at Brooklyn Bowl

Delicate Steve

Brooklyn Bowl

Thursday, July 6th

36-20170706-DSC_3069Fun, eclectic, upbeat, thrilling, cheeky, fierce and wacky, are some of the adjectives that come to mind about the show at Brooklyn Bowl on Thursday, July 6th. Of all these words that would make for an apt description, the artist decided to be called “Delicate Steve.” It seems like a Mad Lib adjective-noun that makes sense when paired together in a nonsensical story.

Active since 2011, the progressive pop-electro guitarist has recently released a new album called This Is Steve, where we get an instrumental view of the Brooklyn-based artist formally known as “Steve Marion.” Marion’s public persona’s history had a fictitious publication, that instead of informing, added to the illusion that is Delicate Steve.

The set began as Steve, clad in a metallic paisley suit, played the first few notes of his 32-20170706-DSC_2936synth-pop hit “Afria Talks to You” for a wall to alley audience. The lights flashed vivid blues and pinks as his guitar sang the lyricless melody. His method of playing is the staple of his act, and will surely carve out the standard for indie rock music going forward.

Full of energy, he strums along next to “Winners”, then frequently called upon a number of special guests to help on stage, as he has only so many hands to do things. The guests assist with synthesizers, vocals, horns, slapping the guitar, even teaching an interactive dance to the audience– which involves bending knees during every 4th beat– until Marion left the stage at the break—joining the audience, jamming and dancing. 

The set also included several covers, one of the best being Tame Impala’s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”, where the guitar was the vocalist, being played to the pitches of the lyrics instead of supporting the accompanying melody.

41-20170706-DSC_3117The distinctive guitarist ended the show on one of his most popular hits “Butterfly”. Though the entire show was enjoyable and full of excitement, this song was the one that really brought down the house. Some audience members played air guitar, and several others continued doing the choreographed dance newly added to their set of sick moves. After letting the fans burst with energy, Steve left the stage and returned again. He encored with the excellent “Wally Wilder,” a song he said has never, before that performance, been played live without the accompanying trumpet and sax. It went swimmingly, and it is clear the band loves working with each other. 

Delicate Steve’s performance made for a most sublime evening of incredible music. He is an essential artist to the current indie pop and rock world, showing that guitar solos haven’t gone out of style yet and show no signs of ever doing so!

Words by Macy Griffin and Photos by  Brian Berson

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