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The VeeVees in action!

The VeeVees

Friday, March 3rd


All you need to do is look at the photos from the recent HOT performance by The VeeVees to know what a scorcher of a show it was! Hitting the popular Pianos on March 3rd—the band took the stage by storm and performed to a sold-out crowd with all they had and didn’t disappoint!IMG_6515

When the music matches the temp of the jammed space you’re dancing in —you know it’s going to be a pretty special & unique night. Combining sex, energy, hardcore rock, punk, soul, vibrancy, creativity and grit amidst a musical odyssey—the eclectic foursome made it clearly known the venue was theirs.

Beginning the night with “Death is Love”—the commanding Sophia Urista, lead vocalist, siren & former contestant on “The Voice”, (rocked her leather jacket and looked as if she was painted into her galactic black and white stripe pants), IMG_6588dedicated the kick-ass song and show to all the “lovers that came out”—and the crowd thunderously erupted in agreement. Urista’s frenetic energy, undeniable talent and soaring voice matched in perfect unison with the powerhouse that is Andrea Belfiore and his pounding drums, the riffs of hair-whipping Artur Novoselsky on bass and the dynamic, strumming Garrett Cillo on guitar/vocals.

Easing then into the sweltering and hard hitting “Fittin’ in my Skeleton”, a song that lived up to its name– with the performance basked in arousing red lights which filled the tight stage. “Invasion” was up next—with Urista declaring that “Rock-n-Roll is an STD”, then going right into the hammering “Replay”. Musically artistic hit after hit only reinforced that this group is the IMG_6484REAL deal, and a band that you must run, not walk, to see!

Intoxicating crowd favorite— “Hard Lovin’”—got everyone singing along with Urista and her guys, IMG_4240allowing for one of the more captivating moments, showcasing the band’s ability to easily solidify and engage with their fans.

Concluding the dynamic set with “Cream of Heaven” felt like the perfect way to culminate the night– with Sophia ascending onto Andrea’s drums singing her heart out—illustrating the heavenly experience of catching an out of this world performance by a band to seriously pay attention to — The VeeVees!

IMG_6740Bonus Content Alert: The VeeVees returned to the stage this past Friday night—March 17th.  This time they headlined the packed Union Pool in NYC—and clearly proved that the band is a rocking force in very high demand!


Photos From Union Pool by Toktam Tayefeh




Photos From Pianos NYC  by LivemusicNYC staff writer:

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