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Aluna’s new solo album MYCELiUM

Aluna – MYCELiUM

July 7th 2023

by Milo Richards

British singer Aluna’s new solo album MYCELiUM incorporates a masterful blend of electronic house/dance music while driving her experiences as a Black and LGTBQ+ woman. In this album specifically, Aluna intentionally collaborates with fellow members and supporters of these communities that Aluna chose herself. She strategically incorporates activism into her album with energetic undertones and beats, giving this album an infectious listen. 

“Before the Bloom Intro” begins with a zen, inspirational soliloquy, while asking the rhetorical question of “what comes before the bloom?” The introduction of the album incorporates ideas of the nuance and unseen aspects of life and the magic behind it all. Later in the album, there’s another piece that breathes similar energy, being the “Love and Money – Interlude.” Aluna speaks to her patrons by revealing that we do most things for love and money in order to survive, while tying feminine energies into the picture by stating her desire on how she “wants to be fabulous” while she does it. 

“The Way I’m Wired” incorporates a pulsing techno-bass beat that overall has an optimistic outlook that supports Aluna’s lyrical choices. This song’s approach supports the message and tone of the album entirely, while exploring this with lyrics such as “So many I miss the lesson/ And I combine all the history/ That keeps repeating.”

“Underwater” (with Route 94) and “Killing Me” (with TSHA) both utilize mesmerizing melodies that resemble a 90s workout mix. The melodies mixed with lovely vocals both follow similar themes regarding a love interest that can keep one in a constant emotional limbo.

In “Supernova,” (with Kaleena Zanders and Picard Brothers) Zanders’ vocals highlight Aluna’s arrival, by stating that “Now she’s arrived/just like a light.” This ties the album together perfectly by making it clear that she is a ‘supernova,’ metaphorically contrasting Aluna’s feelings of how Black women are frequently dispersed into background vocals and tracks. The track is able to serve as a suitable tribute to Aluna’s resilience.

on gl“Oh The Glamour” (with MNEK, Pabllo Vittar and Eden Prince) is the perfect hype anthem to imagine and recreate one’s self-worth and sense of security is clear. “Oh, the glamour/To be glamorous everyday” is a legitimate method to help one survive and also flourish. The idea of ‘glamour’ in her teaser symbolizes the transformative power of luxury and beauty.

rb“Running Blind” (with Tchami and Kareen Lomax) and “Mine O Mine” are feel-good and inspirational tracks that give that aura of hyperpop, almost making it feel impossible to not feel compelled afterwards. Both songs incorporate ideas of getting what you want and working for it, with words like “Freedom is locked in my mind/ Gotta believe it / It’s the mountain I climb” in “Running Blind,” and in “Mine O Mine,” claiming that “‘Cause you know I do it better/ You’re just scared to know/ What would happen if I knew my worth and let it go?” 

“Sugar” (with Preditah and Lauren Faith) offers a shift in perspective, with Aluma claiming that this person is becoming “all the good things I hate,” and how she is slowly losing her patience, and as a result, becoming sour. The song itself deals with the ups and downs of a metaphorical sugar rush, and how this person feels like poison and how they could even be “too much sugar,” which could feel toxic.

“Beggin’” (with Chris Lake) is a very seductive number that incorporates techno-bass sounds that come and go as necessary, while filling the space with sultry ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ that make the song as evocative and fun as its title entails. 

MYCELiUM captivates its audience almost into Aluna’s essence of dreamlike interludes with hidden innuendos, giving multiple meanings and intentions to each song. She pushes the industrial standards of music by creating art that allows her vocal abilities to shine, as well as offering a multitude of songs that allow listeners to be able to drop down to the sound of her beats. For Black and LGTBQ+ listeners, this album is a valuable addition to anybody’s hype playlist. MYCELiUM is a much needed addition that dance and rave cultures need, that also supports an overall positive message, being that Aluna knows her damn worth… and that her listeners should, too.

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