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Covair/Bound to Be Album Review


June 23rd 2023

by Milo Richards

Portland-based duo Covair brings indie-pop/rock to the next level with their second album, Bound to Be. Talented members Brian Naubert and Heather Larimer have both worked on musical endeavors separately, but Coviar brings the two together, all with precise instrumentals and melodies. The husband-wife pair creates clear and concise images throughout the way that their lyrics paint a clear picture with Bound to Be. The duo is extremely dynamic in their vocals, and the pairing of their two drastically different voices and sounds do them immense amounts of justice.

The album opens with “Shady Town,” a song that feels like an upbeat journey within an indie, coming-of-age film. With a strong rock-esque opening, the song almost convinces its listeners to “run away” and take the journey onto new endeavors. While the first track does not necessarily climax, it still consists of an infectious amount of energy, but lacks the sense of conclusion since the song keeps such a steady pace.

The second song of the album, “We Fall Down” gives the album a sharp and drastic turn with electronic beats that allude to a darker and more depressive atmosphere. The edginess of the bass line is able to add depth to the composition, and although the chorus returns itself to another cheerful, uplifting sound, the message of falling down does remain consistent. The repetition of the lyrics “make it stop” towards the end of the piece intensifies emotionally, leaving a meaningful impression for its listeners.

Right Hook” starts off very subtly, then immediately throws its listener into what feels like a dark night, with quickly moving instrumentals that are able to heighten the tension within the entirety of the album. “Wrong Again,” is again, subtle, and does not produce the same kind of memorability that some of the other tracks on the album could. “Ghost Perfumes” utilizes impactful synthesizers and Larimer’s mesmerizing vocals, and these two elements fused together give a whimsical sound that is almost dreamlike, which is able to heighten the listener’s imagination. 

Superstruck” offers its listeners a lovesick melody that embodies the electric feeling of falling for someone. The merging of the electric guitar in pairing with the backing vocals bring a resonant feeling of youthful euphoria for first discovering love. 

Moon Was a Bowl,” my personal favorite of the tracks, opens with chatter and outdoor ambiance, then slowly incorporates the drums, bass, and the gentle stroking of an electric guitar. The vocals are very subtle but have an intentional delivery while the lyrics almost feel haunting. Lines such as “Dark is pushing high again/I can’t look away” evoke a sense of physiological unease. Combined with eerie and unsettling sounds intensify the listener’s feeling of anxiety, reflecting the exploration that the album does within the complexity of emotional turmoil. 

Corvair’s dynamic vocals shine in Bound to Be as their voices are able to compliment each other so well. While certain tracks may have a stronger impression than others, the album as a unit is able to take its listeners on an emotionally-challenged journey that is able to resonate even after the music ends.

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