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Colony House at Irving Plaza

Colony House

Irving Plaza, NY

March 7th 2023

by Angelo Santoro

ColonyHouse-19Colony House, the indie rock band from Franklin, TN, recently performed at Irving Plaza in New York City. The show, part of their Cannonballers tour, was a vibrant blend of high energy and thoughtful, introspective lyrics.

The band opened the show like a cannon exploding with their upbeat hit singleLandlocked Surf Rock, which sent the crowd into a frenzy of dancing, singing, and clapping along. Throughout the night, Colony House continued to deliver a powerful performance full of passionate vocals, rocking guitars, and contagious beats. The band also showed off their softer side with more thoughtful ballads such asWaiting for My Time to Come andWhere I am From.

ColonyHouse-18The crowd responded positively to each song and was thoroughly engaged throughout the entire show. Colony Houses energy and enthusiasm was infectious, and the audience was more than happy to follow along.

The band’s vibe rocked the audience forward toward the stage as front man Caleb Chapman continued to lunge forward into the crowd.  The attraction of the two sides created an inflated voltage in the venue.

ColonyHouse-16At the end of the night, Colony House thanked the crowd for their support and ended the show with their popular hits “Cannonballers” andYou Know It. The entire audience sang along to the lyrics and left the venue feeling energized and inspired.

ColonyHouseOverall, Colony House’s performance at Irving Plaza was a great success. The band delivered an outstanding set of music, and the audience enjoyed every minute of it. If you ever have the chance to see Colony House live, don’t miss it!


Colony House is: Caleb Chapman, Will Chapman, Scott Mills and Parke Cottrell

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