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Wild Arrows – Loving The Void out June 17th

a1901069661_16Wild Arrows album Loving The Void out June 17 might be the best one yet!  Judging by the current song released, “Crowded House” and Dark Glass”.  Songwriter Mike Law has been on the radar of most in the music biz for some time now and this was the moment they were foreseeing.  

On Loving The Void Mike Law says: “There are a few things that happen on this record I’ve never heard before and moods that blend together in a way that is new to my ears, very much on purpose. There is no filler, it’s all in service to the song and album. I wanted to make an album that is a linear document of a human lifespan but only with emotions that you feel at every stage of life, just in different ways at each age. Not long ago I realized that with important feelings there is no present, future, or past tense. With important feelings it’s all a prism that reflects differently at different moments. For example, you feel anger and love as a child, an adult and as an old person. I wanted to sing in no tense and all these songs do that. They are that prism.”

Just two weeks after the release of the full LP we will get the opportunity to see it live on stage.  Wild Arrow will be performing at Baby’s All Right on June 30th


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