Live Music

Slipknot at Jone’s Beach


by Angelo Santoro

Slipknot welcomed the Slipknot family into Jone’s Beach Nikon theater with a startling theatrical display and astounding sounding performance.  Joined by Of Mice and Men, and Marilyn Manson.


Set List

  1. Be Prepared for Hell
  2. The Negative One
  3. Disasterpiece
  4. Eyeless
  5. Skeptic
  6. Before I Forget
  7. Killpop
  8. Dead Memories
  9. Everything Ends
  10. Psychosocial
  11. Pulse of the Maggots
  12. Left Behind
  13. The Devil in I
  14. Wait and Bleed
  15. (sic)
  16. Surfacing
  17. Duality
  18. Spit It Out

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