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The Dangerous Summer Re-born


The Dangerous Summer

Knitting Factory, Brooklyn NY

February 2nd, 2018

By Hayley Lind

Front-man AJ Perdomo disbanded the Dangerous Summer in 2014, amid claims that former member Cody Payne nicked money from the band. The band, which announced its comeback (without Payne) last summer, actually gained fans during its 3-year-hiatus.

They recently wrapped up a show at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, a midpoint in the tour that marks their first return to the stage. 

The band began touring on January 24 in Nashville, and will continue with a string of shows throughout the U.S. until February 18. 

The sold-out New York show opened with performances by mellow punk band Microwave and The Band Camino, which Perdomo called “the next Kings of Leon” later in the night.

When Perdomo, guitarist Matt Kennedy, and drummer Ben Cato hit the stage, the crowd went wild. Mayday Parade’s Alex Garcia replaced Payne on guitar. This was a nice surprise for nostalgic pop punk fans, as Mayday Parade and The Dangerous Summer once toured together back in 2009.

The band opened their set with older songs like “Where I Want to Be”, Sins and No One’s Gonna Need You More,”  from their 2009 album Reach for the Sun and the 2011 hit War Paint.

They also played Good Things, Symmetry, Weathered and Northern Lights, along with some songs from their brand new self-titled album, which they released on January 26. 

The album, which is a bit more emo than what the Dangerous Summer fans are used to, features the single “Fire” and the song “Luna,” named after Perdomo’s young daughter. A lot of the audience already knew the new music and sang along. 

The show was so packed that you could barely move, but the fans exuded such positive energy that no one was bothered by the lack of space.

The crowd sang the lyrics to every song, and Perdomo—who seemed humbled—called the crowd “raucous” and said New York was one of the best shows yet. Perdomo’s passion was also evident as he belted out every lyric loudly and clearly.

The show ended with two encore songs; their oldest hit, “The Permanent Rain,” from their debut record If You Could Only Keep Me Alive and “Never Feel Alone,” – a ballad that left the audience feeling emotional and nostalgic. 

The band and crowd continued to party after their set, as DJ Gunz from the Gunz Show hosted a consecutive event at the venue.

The band, which first formed in 2006, is officially back, and happier together than ever. Not to mention, the fans are still crazy about their music.

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